The Power of Touch

It’s no secret that physical touch is essential for humans and almost all other beings from the very beginning of life. It’s the reason we so strongly encourage skin to skin contact for newborns almost the moment they’re born. The benefits of these first sweet moments are profound and well documented. Humans and animals alikeContinue reading “The Power of Touch”

Choking: How to Keep Your Kiddos Safe

I’m not yet a parent but I’ve heard many parents over the years comment on how their worst fear is their child choking. In fact, that squished face kid in the picture is my brother who once sucked down a gummy worm just a bit too excitedly and choked on it. He certainly knocked aContinue reading “Choking: How to Keep Your Kiddos Safe”

I’ve Got Your Back: Remedies for Managing Back Pain

A lumberjack went to his doctor complaining of back pain. He was told he didn’t have enough lumber support. Now that I’ve put you through the most certifiably awful dad joke I could find, let’s chat about back pain. Stats from various sources show that at least 80% of people will suffer back pain atContinue reading “I’ve Got Your Back: Remedies for Managing Back Pain”

The Skin(ny) on Eczema

Winter seems to be grinding on and even though the days are getting longer, skin seems to be getting drier by the day. For many people, a daily application or two of moisturizing lotion can keep the creeping dryness away, but for the 316 million Americans (1 in 10) who deal with eczema, also knownContinue reading “The Skin(ny) on Eczema”

The Raw Truth About Raw Milk

Before I even start, let’s just enjoy the little throwback photo above, featuring my friend Bailey’s husband, middle, as a youngster. Seth grew up on a local Wisconsin dairy farm, married Bailey, and now carries on the family dairy farming tradition. Seth and Bailey just added a new wee babe, Finnley, to their family soContinue reading “The Raw Truth About Raw Milk”

Winter Blues Got You Down? Read on…

When winter first makes its appearance, there’s usually a honeymoon phase. The first snowfall, thoughts of warm winter meals that aren’t as appealing in the warmer months, and visions of cozy nights in with a fire and the people you hold most dear. Maybe you’re not into all the cozy aesthetics that colder temps canContinue reading “Winter Blues Got You Down? Read on…”

Meet Jack

That cute little guy you see up above is 3 year old Jack (and his lovely mama Christine). Christine is a gal pal of mine who called me one day asking for a little help after Jack burned his hand on a curling iron that he managed to get ahold of. Trust me when IContinue reading “Meet Jack”

What’s Up With Blood Pressure?

Hopefully what’s up isn’t your blood pressure. Learning that you have blood pressure that’s higher than it should be can be scary. Not only do you learn all the dreaded complications that can come with untreated high blood pressure (the big, bad, scary things like heart attacks, strokes, and damage to vital organs over time),Continue reading “What’s Up With Blood Pressure?”